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Act for children

Since 2011, ECLT has reached over 650,000 children and their families in tobacco-growing communities.

Getting children out of labour and into school

The ECLT Foundation currently implements projects in 6 countries: Guatemala, Indonesia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.

In our projects, we involve all relevant stakeholders, including the public and private sectors, international organisations and NGOs, to maximise synergies and support sustainable change.

With our partners, we work with communities and families to identify children in child labour or at risk of falling into it, and help them get out and stay out of labour. We ensure that children enrol in school or vocational training to learn applicable job skills. We also provide uniforms and school supplies, as well as support after-school programmes and summer camps to prevent children from falling into child labour during school breaks.

Raising awareness in rural communities

Child labour may be culturally accepted, especially if the parents themselves began working at a young age. ECLT raises awareness about the dangers of putting children to work too early and the importance of safe, decent work for everyone.

We strengthen financial capacities within communities

Poverty is a main cause of child labour. Families who lack resources may have their young children work in the fields, especially if they cannot send them to school. ECLT provides training opportunities so families can start businesses and generate more income. Our projects offer Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) that are member-managed and member-capitalised, informal microfinance institutions. VSLA members pool their savings and then offer credit and insurance services to each other. We also provide microcredits for farmers to buy seeds when prices are at their lowest during the year.

Evaluate our impact

Accountability and transparency are key to reporting our results. A robust Monitoring & Evaluation system is regularly used on all projects.

Performance indicators are collected and stored in this online system from the beginning to the end of each project.

  1. Baseline surveys (external)
  2. Monitoring project progress quaterly (internal)
  3. Mid-term assessments (internal)
  4. Final evaluation (external)

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