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  • 26.03.2021

    How rural communities hold the key to ending child labour

    Targeting farming communities and involving them in rural development processes is critical to driving change and making rural areas a place where children, farmers and families can thrive.. We spoke with Mary Liwa, programme director at TAWLAE, about the crucial work that the association does to build capacity in areas of farming and child protection, and where she draws her inspiration from.

    #National #Projects #Child Protection #Rural Development

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  • 07.12.2020

    National Action Plans to fight child labour

    This International Human Rights’ day we are reminded of the instrumental role that NAPs play for the protection and respect of human rights, and the duty State’s and businesses have in the development and implementation of these.

    #Advocacy #National

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  • 07.09.2020

    Five ways to fight child labour during a crisis like COVID-19

    Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the ECLT Foundation has adjusted its programmes to protect the children, families and farmers where we work. Here are 5 ways we can work together to continue to fight child labour during a crisis, like coronavirus, and bring long-lasting change for communities.

    #National #Projects #COVID

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  • 03.07.2020

    Job skills training to promote decent work and fight child labour

    One of the ways to “Build Back Better” is to strengthen the resilience of rural communities in low-income countries. In this article we focus on the importance of building resilience of young workers in rural communities to tackle child labour and promote economic growth.

    #National #Projects #Advocacy

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  • 16.06.2020

    Renewed Commitments Across Sectors to Fight Child Labour in Malawi

    To mark World Day Against Child Labour, the Government of Malawi has made the new National Action Plan for Child Labour (NAP II, 2020 – 2025) publicly available. In this article we share how NAP II will make all the difference in the fight against child labour in Malawi.

    #National #Advocacy

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  • 03.06.2020

    COVID- 19: Young Perspectives from Guatemala

    To better understand how COVID-19 is impacting rural communities in Guatemala, and some of the ways in which we can help support them, we asked young people about their experience and how they are coping during the crisis.

    #National #Projects

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  • 02.03.2020

    Coming together for a brighter future in Indonesia

    Nearly 3 million children are involved in child labour in Indonesia. ECLT supporting public and private sectors to come together in a partnership to advance progress in the fight against child labour on the ground.

    #National #Projects

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  • 21.02.2020

    Opening doors to a new world of work for youth in Guatemala

    Job skills training and subsidised internships are offering young people in Guatemala new opportunities to use their talents and increase their chances to reaching their ambitions through the EEMPATA Rural Training Model.

    #Projects #National

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