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    in tobacco-growing communities

    About us

The ECLT Foundation is committed to collaborative solutions for children and their families that combat the root causes of child labour in tobacco-growing communities.

We advocate for strong policies, share best practices to multiply our impact, and engage rural families so they can benefit from farming while ensuring that their children are healthy, educated, safe from exploitation, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Child Labour Newsroom

Supporting Farmers in Sustainable Crop Diversification

There are growing calls for farmers to diversify from tobacco to flowers, legumes or other crops. However, this oversimplifies the issue and detracts attention from the real challenge: to develop viable, high-value crops that offer smallholder farmers a realistic choice of how to allocate resources and reduce poverty. ECLT Foundation research has shown that tobacco growing is often an integral part of the farmer’s diversification efforts.

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    Child Labour goes Beyond Supply Chains

    Recent heightened public attention on the unacceptable situations faced by children and families working in tobacco growing shines a light on violations of human rights otherwise largely and historically kept in darkness. The Guardian puts children at risk with articles lacking context and promoting a supply chain approach to fight child labour in tobacco growing.

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    Collaboration with Mozambique to fight against child labour

    The ECLT Foundation and the Government of Mozambique joined forces to strengthen the fight against the worst forms of child labour, particularly in the areas where tobacco is grown. The 2018 Memorandum of Understanding will focus on community education and training, awareness and communication, institutional capacity building and revising the legal framework on child labour.

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News and insights

152 Million Children still in Child Labour

According to the latest International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates, there are still 152 million children involved in child labour.

Seventy one percent of them, or 108 million children, are working in the agricultural sector, including tobacco growing. This work is often hazardous.

See our impact

Since 2000, the ECLT Foundation has reached over 650,000 children and their families in farming communities around the world.

Our impact is sustainable because we mobilise everyone involved: governments, employers, unions, international organisations, companies, communities, and children themselves, for systemic change.

  • 44k


    were sent to school and benifited from vocational training

  • 455k


    were reached through awarness-raising activities

  • 400+


    were brought together to renew commitments on national action plant to eliminate child labour

  • 40k


    in tobacco-growing communities were financially empowered

A Global Leader
Against Child Labour

The Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing (ECLT) Foundation is committed to pursuing collaborative solutions for children and their families to combat the root causes of child labour in agricultural communities.

We advocate for strong government and private sector policies to keep children out of labour and promote decent work. Our impact is multiplied through research, field testing and the sharing of good practices.

About us

Founded in Switzerland in 2000, the ECLT Foundation works to promote the full realisation of the rights of children and their families in agricultural communities, as defined by international human rights frameworks.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, Alliance 8.7 and a holder of United Nations ECOSOC special consultative status, ECLT works locally, nationally and internationally to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially SDG target 8.7.

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