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  • 03.04.2020

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Labour in Agriculture

    Worldwide 152 million children are still in child labour; the majority of them, 108 million, work in agriculture. How will COVID-19 impact efforts to end child labour in the sector, in line with SDG Target 8.7 and ILO conventions?

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  • 10.02.2020

    Why does child labour happen? Here are some of the root causes

    Children are most often involved in child labour because their parents or guardians consider it ‘normal’ for children to work, and sometimes for children’s own survival and that of their families. Here are some of the root causes which make children particularly vulnerable to child labour.

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  • 20.01.2020

    Quality Education for a Brighter Future

    As the world celebrates International Day of Education, it is time to reflect how access to quality education can fights child labour, gives children a brighter future, breaks the cycle of poverty, promotes development and advances progress towards the SDGs

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  • 10.01.2020

    Child labour or acceptable work? Do you know the difference?

    Not sure about what is and what is not child labour? This article explains how you can tell the difference and what type of light work is acceptable for children to be doing using the ILO's definitions.

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  • 18.12.2019

    Wrapping up 2019: this year's highlights

    This year some real progress has been made in the fight against child labour and here are just some of our highlights of the past year. A special thank you to all project staff and partners around the world for their support in making this possible and for their commitment to eliminate child labour.

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  • 17.12.2019

    Investment and Collaboration: ILO Decent Work Strategy in Key Tobacco-growing Countries

    The ECLT Foundation remains a committed partner in progressively and sustainably eliminating child labour. The Foundation will follow the call of the SDGs and the new ILO Strategy to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders at national and international levels to bring real change for farmers, families and children in areas where tobacco is grown.

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