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Wrapping up 2019: this year's highlights

It's time to wrap up 2019!

This year, some real progress has been made in the fight against child labour. Here are just some of our highlights. A special thank you to all project staff and partners around the world for their support in making this possible and for their commitment to eliminate child labour.

1- Over 138,000 people in Uganda will be supported in the fight against child labour in the next 3 years: This year we launched the extension of our project which is focusing on better education, stronger livelihoods & decent work.

2- Boosting financial stability, empowering women and helping parents send their kids to school all year round: This video explains some ways in which Village Savings & Loan groups support rural communities to keep their children away from child labour.

3- Internships, job skills training, and learning IT skills are helping kids in Guatemala access new opportunities and decent work. Hear from young people themselves about what they want to do when then grow up.

4- What is decent work? it's safe, equal and supportive working conditions. It also breaks the cycle of poverty and child labour. This video explains more.

5- Community Child Protection Committees are identifying, withdrawing and monitoring children who have been involved in, or at risk of, child labour in Mozambique. Read more about supporting children, farmers and families in Mozambique here.

6- Over 3 million people supported quality education to end child labour this year: For World Day Against child labour we shared Florence’s story about how education is giving her and her son Crispus a brighter future. Click here to watch their story.

7- "Even if we save one soul it helps! I support you, you support another person": Eddie and rural communities in Uganda shared some of the changes in their lives from livelihood support and job skills training. Watch their stories.

8- Go beyond the numbers. What is the real impact that ECLT’s work has on the people in the farming communities where tobacco is grown? Our 2018 Annual Report explains. Read it here.

9- Protecting children from child labour: providing a minimum working age, regulations on hour and conditions of work, and supporting education are just some measures to keep kids in school and away from harmful work. Learn more about protecting children's fundamental rights!

10- Each extra year of schooling a girl's education increases by 10% to 20%: This video explains how keeping girls in schools and away from child labour benefits everyone!

11- This year was the 30th Anniversary of the CRC. Did you know the CRC states that every child has the right to be protected from harmful work? No child should be doing work that puts their rights like playing, growing healthily, and going to school at risk.

12- Child labour is work that is harmful to children. Why does it happen? Well, it's complicated. Check out some of the causes and key facts about child labour.


The ECLT Foundation looks forward to continuing to find collaborative and sustainable solutions in 2020 to improve the lives of children and families in rural communities where tobacco is grown.