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Protecting Children in a Changing Climate

"The climate crisis is fundamentally and irreparably reshaping our world, with grave implications for the rights of current and future generations of children."

A new report from Save the Children, Born Into the Climate Crisis , presents evidence that urges immediate action to secure the rights of children now and for future generations.

The climate crisis has significantly augmented the risk of extreme weather, such as drought, wildfires, cropfailures, floods and heatwaves. Children living in rural communities in low and middle income countries, who are already at greater risk of child labour, are disproportionatly affected.

Globally, under Paris Agreement pledges, children born in 2020 face an average 2.8 times more crop failures than their elders.

The effects of extreme weather can disrupt family livelihoods, making children more vulnerable to end up in child labour, especially in agriculture. What can be done? The report recommends key areas of urgent action:

  • Take ambitious and urgent action now to limit warming to a maximum of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

  • Increase commitments to climate finance for both mitigation and adaptation in recognition that the climate crisis is a child rights issue that affects children first and worst.

  • Recognise children as equal stakeholders and key agents of change in addressing the climate and environmental crisis.

  • Scale up social protection systems to address the increasing impacts of climate shocks on children and their families.

The ECLT Foundation remains committed to investments and programmes that work to increase farmers capacity to adapt to climate change, lead the way to sustainable farming, and build resilience for their families.