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A child-friendly approach to fighting child labour: Winda’s story.

“By becoming a member of child-friendly task force team, I aspire to create a child-friendly environment and to create a brighter future for Wakan.” Shares Winda, a 23 year-old high school teacher in rural Indonesia.

“As a member of the Task Force, my duty is to assist the Children Forum's activities by coordinating and coaching children through drama and dance. I have a particular interest and skills in these fields.”

A child-friendly approach

Members of the child-friendly task force like Winda are making all the difference for children who live in rural and remote areas of Indonesia. Creating child friendly environments is a key component of the ECLT-supported KESEMPATAN project. They provide children is a safe and secure environment where all children can play, grow and learn with access to quality education.

These safe spaces also provide a platform for children's voices to be heard and accepted by adults. Creating a child friendly atmosphere within rural communities promotes local owership for long-lasting change in the fight against child labour.

Building capacities beyond a single community

Being a part of the KESEMPATAN Project is also helping Winda gain new skills and understanding of child safeguarding as well as in leadership and social analysis through trainings and workshops organised by ECLT implementing partners SANTAI.

“The knowledge I received about children's rights prompted a change in my mindset and attitude. Now, I am starting to learn to be a good tutor for children, opening my mind more widely and giving time to hear their aspirations. Yes, paying attention to children's opinions is also an effort to fulfill children's rights, something not everyone wants to do.” Added Winda.

“I care about the condition of rural communities which are still left behind in many aspects, especially education. There are still many community members in the village who have not been educated about the prohibition of children taking part in work, especially in the agricultural sector. Because the people of Wakan Village are mostly farmers, many children are asked to help with their parents' work especially in tobacco season.”

A bright future for children from Wakan Village

Children are very special. They are seeds which, when provided with attention and care, can be directed in the right direction to achieve anything they put their mind to. Child Friendly Village Task Force play a great role by encouraging the family and community environment to care about children so that they don't fall into negative situation.

Educating children starts with family and community support. With the existence of a child-friendly village task force, I hope that the children in the village can become educated individuals, free from violence and become a generation which pushes forward the development of their village and nation.”