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Learn for Dreams: Mwalimu's Story

"Now most of my students have the reading and maths skills to go to secondary school."

Better facilities, materials & scholarships mean that 400 children in Mwalimu’s school in Tanzania are now more prepared to reach their dreams.

Before the project which began in 2011, parents could not afford to send their children to school. Awareness raising on the dangers of child labour, and investment in quality education now means that this is no longer the case. “ECLT’s support has really paid off, since 2015 all primary students have graduated to join secondary” shared Mwalimu.

Children in Mole village primary school shared their dreams of becoming nurses, doctors, pilots and actors with ECLT staff. Now attending a good quality school means that these children have the tools that they need to achieve their full potential.


Mwalimu's story is part of the Learn4Dreams campaign ECLT is running this World Day against Child Labour. To learn more about supporting quality education check out our dedicated webpage here: eclt.org/learn4dreams.