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Good practices webinar - Session 1

The ECLT Foundation and the Tobacco Industry & Marketing Board (TIMB) organised the ‘Good practices in working with and through third-party suppliers to address child labour in tobacco growing in Zimbabwe’ webinar, which took place on August 18 2022.

This is the first of a series of webinars, which will provide a platform for child labour experts, growers associations, business, government, agriculture unions and other local and international stakeholders to share experiences and best practices in monitoring and incentivising third-party suppliers to prevent and address child labour, focusing on the Zimbabwe context.

Access the webinar recording here


  1. Innocent Mugwagwa - ECLT Foundation
  2. Meanwell Gudu - Tobacco Industry & Marketing Board
  3. Benjamin Smith - ILO
  4. Mat Wilde - Curverid Tobacco
  5. Tyson Ngongoni - Ethical Leaf Tobacco
  6. Rodney Ambrose - Zimbabwe Tobacco Association
  7. Pascal Masocha and Austin Muswere - Trade unions