Upcoming Event : Nov 14 - Securing Multi-Stakeholder Commitments against Child Labour

UPCOMING EVENT: Nov 14 - Securing Multi-Stakeholder Commitments against Child Labour

Side event to the 5th UN Forum on Business & Human Rights


14 November 2016, Palais des Nations, Room VIII, Geneva, Switzerland

Panel and Interactive discussion: 4:30 - 6pm

Networking reception: 6-7pm

This event is designed to discuss real-life examples and benefit of on-going, multi-stakeholder dialogue to develop and implement policy towards the elimination of child labour. It will examine how to secure commitments from actors including government, employers, unions, and civil society, in order to address this complex human rights problem through national action plans, or other collective commitments.

Child labour is an example of a complex issue that broadly affects public, private and civil sectors and is deeply rooted in economic development and cultural norms.  Unfortunately, it is often a challenge just to get all of the relevant stakeholders to the table for a discussion on the issue, let alone to coordinate across sectors.  This session will show the concrete value of coming together, making and renewing commitments to end child labour and focusing on accountability.


Government Representative – Hon. Patrick Okello, Labour Commissioner, Government of Uganda

Union Representative – Andrews Addoquaye Tagoe, General Agricultural Workers' Union of Ghana (GAWU)

Employers Representative – Antoine Marty, Confédération générale des entreprises de Côte d'Ivoire (CGECI)

Multi-stakeholder Initiative – Nicholas McCoy, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco-growing Foundation

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