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In Mozambique, cyclone Idai has already left 260,000 children in “desperate conditions” and damaged at least 267 schools and 24 health centres in the Sofala, Manica, Zambezia and Inhambane provinces. The photo above shows people on rooftops in Buzi, a town where water is still rising.

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iDE Mozambique has shared the following update:

Magnitude of the catastrophe still unknown

We still don’t know the magnitude of the catastrophe particularly in the rural areas. Buzi, Nhamatanda, Chibavava, Gondola, Dombe were washed away and now they are facing a growing flood, with still thousands of people on the roof or trees.

Flooding is now the major crisis in Mozambique, with at least 400 sq km flooded according to European Union satellite imagery. But heavy cloud cover and continuing rain makes even satellite photography difficult. Water continues to pour down the Pungue and Buzi rivers from Zimbabwe and Manica province making the flooding worse. 1000s of people are trapped on roofs and in trees. Only 167 people were rescued yesterday (20 March), but it is hoped to rescue more today by helicopters and planes. Priority for rescue are on the injured and children.

Much worse than expected

In an interview in English with emergency spokesperson Caroline Haga of the Red Cross said, "no one expected the seriousness of the flooding," which has made the crisis "so much worse than we expected."

The rain continues in Malawi and more water and flooding are anticipated from up the Shire River.

Higher risk of child labour

According to the ILO, “Prompt actions are required to help families suffering from the consequences of natural disasters in order to improve their livelihoods, ensure that children can go to school and be protected from child labour."

Natural disasters destroy homes, workplaces, schools, healthcare centres and people’s lives, pushing families into poverty and leaving them with no choice but to send their children to work rather than school for their families’ survival.

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