Safer Schools in Malawi

Safer Schools in Malawi

ECLT's work in Malawi

The ECLT Foundation is proud to work with our partners on the ground in Malawi to ensure that children in tobacco-growing communities have better access to education.  Building and renovating schools is one way to help families make the choice to send their children to school instead of to work in the fields.  Check out the latest update from Yoneco:

"We say Kudos to ECLT foundation for coming to the rescue of Mankhamba Primary School. There is hope indeed that these children can have access to the quality education. The project is expected to be completed by end of May 2018."

Working with stakeholders in Malawi

ECLT is committed to working with all stakeholders in Malawi for collaborative solutions to improve the lives of children, farmers and their families in rural communities where tobacco is grown.

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