New USDOL report and tools on eliminating child labour from supply chains

There are 10% fewer children in child labour than in 2012

There are 10% fewer children in child labour than in 2012 -- continuing trend that we have seen for the past 15 since the ILO began measuring.  However, with 152 million still in labour, the rate in decline has slowed and there is still work to be done.

With their new edition of the Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor the US Department of Labor joins the call for accelerated action.  The report offers country-specific actions for governments to address child labour, especially in policy.

USDOL has launched a new app

For businesses, USDOL has launched a new app Comply Chain: Business Tools for Labor Compliance in Global Supply Chains, aimed to help companies with compliance systems.  The department has also updated the Sweat & Toil app that gives information on goods produced using child labour.

Find more information on the report and the phone apps in USDOL's press release.

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