ECLT Foundation Launches its 2015 Annual Report

2015 was a year of major gains for the ECLT Foundation. Through our work over the past year, the foundation has seen concrete results in our fight against child labour in tobacco growing. Some highlights featured in the 2015 Annual Report include:

  • A 34% average reduction of child labour in tobacco growing shown by external evaluation of two of the ECLT Foundation’s largest projects, which concluded in Malawi and Tanzania in 2015.

  • Over 8,700 children receiving additional educational support such as after-school programmes and school supplies; more than 24,000 parents saving money and receiving microcredit through Village Savings and Loans Associations or microloan groups. The beginning of a 30-month evidence-focused project, in partnership with the ILO, to address global questions on hazards that could impact the health and safety of children of legal working age in tobacco growing.

  • The first year of realisation of the Pledge of Commitment by ECLT Foundation Members, who are aligning policies and practices under the “Protect, Respect, and Remedy” Framework of business and human rights. Last year, the ECLT Foundation worked through 8 projects in 7 countries and collaborated with partners at national and international levels.

“Joint efforts, with member companies, international organisations, national and local governments and our implementing partners, have marked 2015 as a year of great strides and bold commitments,” said Antonio Abrunhosa, President, ECLT Foundation.

2015 marked the end of the foundation’s three-year plan, which brought about an organisational transformation that expanded our programmes to include advocacy and policy work and ensure sustainability of child labour reduction strategies.

“I have witnessed growth in the depth and breadth of the ECLT Foundation’s work, and our gains have been steady and strategic,” said Sonia Velázquez, Executive Director, ECLT Foundation.

Read more about the ECLT Foundation’s work in 2015 in the full 2015 Annual Report.

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