Celebrating World Day against Child Labour (12 June, 2017) Across the World

Celebrating World Day against Child Labour (12 June, 2017) Across the World


From 7 to 12 June, a series of school activities aimed to draw public attention to the need to take action to eliminate child labour. Competitions were organized in 5 rural communities: on 7 June, in Markaz of Kadamdjay District and Too-Moyun of Aravan District; on 10 June, in Jany-Nookat of Nookat District; and on 1 May, in Ala-Buka District and On-Eki-Bel of Nookat District. Children and teenagers participated in volleyball, basketball, table tennis and board game (chess, checkers and toguzkorgol) tournaments, and in musical and dance contests. More than one thousand people attended the events.

The award ceremony included special prizes and was held in a festive atmosphere featuring dances and songs performed by secondary school children. T-shirts and leaflets on child labour were also distributed. The competitions were a good way to have fun while also raising awareness about child labour among children and their communities.


Following the World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June, Uganda organized many events to raise awareness on the dangers of child labour. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development reaffirmed its commitment to fight against child labour. A march was organized through the streets of Kampala to a main celebration where children performed dances and songs conveying messages about child labour. The State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Mrs. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, made a speech defending children’s right to education and called for intensified efforts towards the elimination of child labour in the country.

In Hoima District, ECLT supported an event conducted by its implementing partner, UWESO. A march was organized throughout Kyabigambire, a sub-county of Hoima, on 16 June, and involved hundreds of children. Testimonies from children, theatre performances, and commitments from UWESO and local authorities marked the day. Some children also designed “This is My Message to You on World Day Against Child Labour” posters and brandished them during the march. The posters presented their perceptions of child labour, how forced child labour has been detrimental for their childhood, and how much happier they are at school.

GENEVA, Switzerland

On 12 June, the ECLT Foundation officially launched its impact web page, www.eclt.org/impact, with a social media campaign that was shared and amplified by our Board Members. The landing page presents an overview of ECLT’s approach to fighting child labour and highlights our overall impact through figures and data. Country web pages present quantitative impact indicators drawn from ECLT’s impact monitoring and evaluation system, M&E Online, along with success stories, pictures and videos.

— The ECLT Foundation (@ECLTFoundation) June 12, 2017

— The ECLT Foundation (@ECLTFoundation) June 12, 2017

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