A single head does not carry a roof against child labour

A single head does not carry a roof against child labour

World Day Against Child Labour 2018 focuses on safety and health for young workers and fighting hazardous child labour.

Young people above the legal age have the right to work, but their health and safety must be ensured. ILO research has shown that without protection, young workers are at risk of devastating and lasting consequences on their physical, cognitive and behavioural development, robbing them of the opportunity to grow and thrive.

“Mutu umodzi susenza denga,” is a Malawian proverb that can be translated into “A single head does not carry a roof,” – It is through collective action that Malawi makes things move. ECLT’s implementing partners CRECCOM and YONECO are planning a wide range of activities from community meetings to dance performances to raise awareness and share information on the dangers of child labours.

In Malawi, 47% of children aged 5 to 17 are involved in economic activities

In Malawi, 47% of children aged 5 to 17 are involved in economic activities. This year’s World Day Against Child Labour will be used as a platform to promote decent work for young workers and continue to raise awareness on the issue of child labour. ECLT is supporting the celebrations where communities are already getting ready to travel great distances to join the celebrations.

Rodrick Mwale, presenter at YONECO FM is already looking forward to June 12th: - “At YONECO FM, we are planning a programme to spread the word on the successes of children who have been taken out of labour and those in legal age of working who now have decent work opportunities.” -

While targeting tobacco-growing communities and other stakeholders related to the issue, Rodrick plans to discover what has yet to be done to improve the lives of children and help boost the on-going programmes so that they can have an even greater impact.

This 12th of June, ECLT’s project communities in Malawi will be having heated discussions and attending engaging activities to collectively act against child labour. Join the conversation online using #GenerationSafeAndHealthy.

The events are being organized as part of ECLT’s broader work in Malawi.

For more information visit: http://www.eclt.org/impact/malawi

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