ECLT Pledge of Commitment

Consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, the Pledge is a framework for members to align, reinforce and, where necessary, expand current policies and practices in addressing child labour in tobacco growing.

The Pledge responds to the understanding that tobacco growing worldwide will not be free of child labour until the industry can work together effectively at all levels – manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and farmers. It is a sector-wide agreement to uphold robust policy on child labour, conduct due diligence and provide for remediation. Through this common commitment, ECLT members are better positioned to address the complex child labour problem holistically and throughout their respective tobacco-sourcing supply chains.

Realising the Pledge - A baseline for action

Progress has been made in taking stock of each company's situation and efforts to combat child labour in their tobacco-sourcing supply chains. In 2015, members completed a self-assessment questionnaire to develop individual, time-bound actions plans to fill in any gaps.

The dashboard, which is based on the company self assessments, provides a baseline that members are using to develop action plans towards realising the ECLT Pledge of Commitment.

A self-assessment tool for businesses

This self-assessment tool provides a base for companies to examine their child labour policies and practices. Adapted to both corporate and field contexts, the self assessment is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the ECLT Members' Pledge of Commitment.

Click on the sections to the right to explore the questions and the supporting guidelines from the UNGPs and ECLT Pledge. Using these questions as a framework, companies can take a comprehensive look at current policies and practices and identify gaps where action must be taken.

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