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  • 22.08.2022

    Good practices webinar - Session 1

    The ECLT Foundation and the Tobacco Industry & Marketing Board (TIMB) organised the ‘Good practices in working with and through third-party suppliers to address child labour in tobacco growing in Zimbabwe’ webinar, which took place on August 18 2022.

    #webinar #good practices

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  • 20.07.2022

    The SDGs: A common goal

    Day by day, the ECLT Foundation contributes to the creation of sector-wide platforms to accelerate SGD progress. Since 2000, the ECLT Foundation has reached over 1,086,000 children, farmers and families in the fight against child labour.


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  • 12.06.2022

    What is Social Protection?

    For the #WorldDayAgainstChildLabour, Innocent Mugwagwa, Senior Programme Manager at the ECLT Foundation addressed this necessary conversation: Social protection is about creating systems where the defence of the rights of each person is the priority for all actors involved.

    #Child Protection #ECLT News

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  • 11.04.2022

    Supporting Children's Rights through education

    In #Uganda, the already weak education system was hit hard by the pandemic, affecting millions of children and increasing the risk of #childlabour.

    #Child Protection #Rural Development

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