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108,000,000 children are in child labour in agriculture

  • Cotton, 
  • sugar cane, 
  • cocoa, 
  • cattle, 
  • tobacco.
  • Putting their health, 
  • safety, 
  • education, 
  • and development at risk. 

This should not be so.

What are we doing about it?

What is ECLT Foundation
doing about it ?

Since 2011, the ECLT Foundationhas helped over


  • children,
  • farmers
  • and families
  • in tobacco-growing communities.

Find out more about our work supporting communities to fight child labour and thrive.

What are we doing about it?

Where we work

The ECLT Foundation works directly with communities in 6 countries.

Past projects :

What are we doing about it?

See our impact

Through the ECLT Foundation’s work since 2011:

  • 182,100 + children were removed or kept away from child labour
  • 27,100 + children were sent to school and benefited from vocational training
  • 475,100 + community members were reached through awareness-raising activities
  • 1,500 + key stakeholders were brought together to renew commitments on national action plans to eliminate child labour
  • 68,800 + families in tobacco-growing communities were financially empowered
What are we doing about it?

Tackling root causes

Child labour is often symptom of deeper development and education issues. ECLT works together with communities, governments, businesses and more to tackle the root causes:

  • 1. Getting children out of child labour
  • 2. Opening doors through education
  • 3. Raising awareness
  • 4. Strengthening communities
  • 5. Alleviating poverty
What are we doing about it?

Together is the only way forward against child labour

Engaging stakeholders

Joining forces is key to maximising our impact and eliminating child labour. The ECLT Foundation actively engages with various stakeholders to reach this goal. Our multi-stakeholder engagement approach follows a tripartite model that includes:

  • Governments
  • Trade unions
  • Employers
  • International organisations
  • Civil society
  • Businesses
  • Farmers
  • Communities
  • Children
  • Parents
What are we doing about it?