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Systems to protect children in Tanzania

Poverty is one of the main drivers of child labour, thus providing families with income generation alternatives is critical to combat the prevalence of child labour. Consequently, families are facing tough decisions on asset utilisation, including whether to invest in their children’s education.

To contribute to the elimination of child labour in the Tabora region in Tanzania and build on existing learnings, the PROSPER RESET project focuses on equipping VSLA, Model Farm Schools and Skills Training groups with business management skills, savings/credit skills and planning, and entrepreneurship skills.

The targeted groups improve their access to the markets by improving their product value. A value chain analysis exercise was carried out to better understand the areas for improvement within value chain. Through the project, targeted families can access sustainable forms of finance, whether formal through micro finance institutions or informal.

Grace’s story

Grace, a 36-year-old mother from Urambo district in the Tabora region, has experienced a significant transformation since joining a VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) group in 2016. Previously relying on her husband for financial support, Grace took the opportunity to invest in small businesses through the VSLA. In 2020, she secured a loan to venture into the cattle trade, which proved successful. With her earnings, she was able to construct a house where she now resides with her family.

In addition to her cattle business, Grace also engages in buying and selling grains, specifically maize, which further contributes to her income. By participating in the VSLA, she can afford to purchase shares in the group and provide for her four school-going children. Grace’s confidence has grown, thanks to the support and empowerment she has gained from the VSLA, enabling her to face the future with less worry and more determination.

Key figures from Tanzania

1,396 children ages 5-17 prevented from all forms of child labour

78.5% of household heads registered an increase in their income, thanks to their participation in VSLA, MFS and business skills training groups

149 child labour issues addressed by the government and other agriculture sector stakeholders