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Strengthened collaboration between the ECLT Foundation and the Government of Malawi

In October 2022, the ECLT Foundation joined forces with Malawi’s Ministry of Labour in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the field of child labour in the agricultural sector.

Both parties are guided by the common interest of creating synergies and having multi-sectoral coordinated efforts in the realisation of decent work and progressive elimination of child labour in agriculture. Over a 4-year period, the ECLT Foundation will provide the Government of Malawi with technical assistance and capacity building towards the setting up of a Child Labour Monitoring System, while enhancing the collection, management, and referral systems at community levels.

The ECLT Foundation has a strong commitment to fight child labour in Malawi and has helped over 7,450 children and 63,780 adults from five different districts in the past 13 years. By supporting the Government and taking a holistic approach against child labour, ECLT helps to ensure that progress made for children, farmers and families in Malawi is systemic and sustainable.

Success story

“My dream to become a teacher is now on course” Rhoda, Ntchisi District

One of many ECLT projects works directly with mothers, educating them about child labour, supporting them to earn and save money and encouraging them to keep their children in school. "When the Mother Groups came to talk to my parents to allow me to go back to school, I was so happy. They convinced my mum that, as a woman, I would be better positioned to help my family in the future if I went to school," said Rhoda.