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Multistakeholder collaboration to eliminate child labour in Indonesia

Advocating for a wider Partnership for Action Against Child Labour in Agriculture (PAACLA), including companies from different crop-farming agricultural sub-sectors

To be more responsive to child labour issues at the local level, the PAACLA National Secretariat has facilitated the development of partnerships at the local level in the form of PAACLA Forums in several regions. At the end of last year, the Jember District PAACLA Forum and the West Nusa Tenggara Province PAACLA Forum were formed. Both regions have now developed action plans to combat child labour.

In 2022, the PAACLA National Secretariat also conducted one training on the Design, Management and Evaluation (DME) of the Child Labour Prevention Programme for PAACLA members. 33 PAACLA members and stakeholders attended the training. In the last session, delivered as a public learning session, a total of 85 stakeholders participated. The assessments carried out prior and post-training indicated that 100% of the participants increased their knowledge on child labour prevention.

There are three new members of PAACLA, namely a NGO, a tobacco company, and a palm oil company. PAACLA now consists of a total of 27 members and 11 observers, and 8 more stakeholders are in the process of joining. The nature of members ranges from Government agencies, such as the Ministry of National Development Planning or the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, to NGOs and private sector companies from different crop-farming agricultural sub-sectors.

Baiq’s story

“I assist children in learning to read, write, draw… they are enthusiastic about joining the activities and using the Learning by Playing method”.

Baiq Ria Yuliana is a 31 years old farmer and mother of two children aged 3 and 10 years old, living in Boyemare village, East Lombok District. She is a cadre of the Child-Friendly Village Task Force and a tutor in the Community Activity Centre of East Boyemare sub-village.

“Together with other cadres and tutors from the activity centre, I also raise awareness in the community on children rights, child labour and the worst forms of child labour. Although many of these terms are new, the community response was quite good, and they welcomed us”.

“I hope children in our village can be a better generation without becoming child labourers. Children deserve a proper education and have the right to good growth, health and love from their parents and society. I hope there is no more children marriages due to their family’s poor economic situation. Hopefully, the KESEMPATAN Project helped parents understand that fulfilling children’s rights is essential”.

Key figures from Indonesia

3 new members of the Partnership for Action Against Child Labour in Agriculture (PAACLA)

2,080+ children aged 5-17 years old prevented from entering hazardous child labour in agriculture

730 farmers and farm workers trained on child labour