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Improving child protection through digitalization in Mozambique

In smallholder agricultural settings, the child labour phenomenon is culturally ingrained. It is often hidden, and workplaces are remote, many and geographically dispersed. As such, child labour in smallholder agriculture is less amenable to formal labour inspection by governments and/or companies. Moreover, identification, withdrawal and effective follow-up of children by agents external to the community is neither cost-effective, practical nor sustainable. In fact, such an approach may push child labour underground as communities may lack trust in the system and/or external agents.

That is why in Q4 2022, the ECLT Foundation rolled out and established a community-based child labour monitoring and remediation mechanism in Mozambique – as part of a pilot intervention, that should tentatively last until the end of 2025.

Pedro’s story

“With the CLMRS, Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs) are better equipped to monitor and ensure child protection in their communities”.

As Programme Director of Fundação Apoio Amigo (FAA), the backbone organization of the CLMRS Pilot Project in Mozambique, Pedro Lenine has witnessed the evolution of CCPCs. He participated in the formation of certain committees and strengthening of some existing ones, and he is currently supporting the smooth implementation of the CLMRS and the provision of services to children in or at-risk of child labour.

“Granting stakeholders’ access to verified child labour data is key to foster multistakeholder collaboration”.

Key figures from Mozambique

1 Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) developed and rolled out in 7 rural agricultural communities

14 Data Collection Agents from 7 Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs) trained on usage of CLMRS tools for identification of cases of child labour and adequate referral

1,280+ community members reached with awareness raising on importance of education and details on school enrolment processes